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About Chopt-up Industries
Chopt-up Industries: The Clothing Worn by Bikers to Rockstars.™

A True NorCal Original

Chopt-up Industries' concept started in 2005 and came alive in 2006. As Bay Area motorcycle riders, we saw a lot of people taking other people's jackets and cutting them up into a 3/4 sleeve jacket. When we designed our jacket, we wanted something that was a little more stylish, American made and a jacket that you could wear either on your bike or just as a day to day jacket. So in 2006, Chopt-Up Industries proudly introduced their stylish American made 3/4 sleeve Chopt-Up Reaper and Shop Jacket which were made from 100% cotton twill and black denim. Over the past couple of years we have introduced other new products from our leather and denim vests with lambskin trim to "Gangster" style Chopt-up shorts. 100% of Chopt-up Industries products are made in Santa Ana, California with the fabric and leather sourced in the garment district of Los Angeles, California.

True Biker-style

Our jackets are a combination of a long-sleeved vest and a short-sleeved jacket. This style has been a mainstay in the Bay Area and pretty much the rest of California for quite some time. The clean and simple lines of our no collar, high quality jackets are rugged enough to wear while riding or wrenching on your Harley or Street Bike and fashionable enough to wear on your next night on the town.

Worn by Bikers to Rockstars

Our jackets were worn by the cast of Sons of Anarchy during the 3rd season, episodes 6-10. After the 3rd season, one of our jackets that was worn by an original cast member sold for $3,050 in an auction. Also, our jackets can be seen worn by Rockstars from Sully of Godsmack to Zoltan of Five Finger Death Punch. Our jackets can also been seen worn by Chuck "Frankie Diamonds" Zito from Sons of Anarchy, Rappers Big B and Chucky Chuck of DGAF. We also did a special edition Chopt-up jacket for Five Finger Death Punch for their tour and album, American Capitalist. The concept for this jacket came from a collaboration between Chopt-up Industries and Zoltan of Five Finger Death Punch . The jacket was unveiled during their show at The Warfield in San Francisco, CA on October 16th, 2011.

Chopt-up Industries
P.O. Box 10146
Oakland, CA 94610